Here is where you can grab my WordPress plugin, called Froogle-izer, that data mines Froogle for keywords.

Froogle is the Google shopping area, and has millions of people that use it. The keywords that you get back from this plugin are great for gathering ideas about new niches that you could build eBay sites around.

Who needs this ?

Anybody who battles to think up niches will find this information useful.

How does this plugin work ?

This plugin installs just like any other WordPress plugin. Upload, and activate.

Each time you click on the Froogle-izer link in the top level menu of your admin panel, the plugin will return you 125 of the latest keyword searches from Froogle.

Click it a couple of times and you will start to see some patterns, and the types of items that are regularly being searched for.

What do you need to run it

1) WordPress. Any version will do, as the plugin makes no actual use of WordPress itself.
2) A server with cURL installed in its PHP. If you are a phpBay user then you will already have this. Most hosts have.

What does it cost ?

I am releasing this Froogle-izer plugin into the community as “donation-ware“.

However, these plugins do take a lot of time to write, update, and provide support. If you find it helpful then please consider making a small donation to help me keep my wife in the style to which she has become accustomed :-)

To grab the plugin, send a blank email to phpbay at getresponse dot com, and I will add you onto my private mailing list. You will immediately receive an email with download links to all of my free phpBay plugins.

That also allows me to inform you about updates, improvements, and also handy new plugins.

I hope you have fun with it, and get some great new ideas for niches.