Hi phpBayers

Here you can grab my WordPress plugin that re-formats the title of all the auction listings returned with Wade’s great phpBay Pro eBay store script.

It takes an auction title that looks like “GET your FREE blue WiDgEtS from our Store – FREE SHIPPING” … and displays it in the much nicer format of “Get Your Free Blue Widgets From Our Store – Free Shipping”.

Who needs this ?

Anybody who does not like the mixed up case, free format, allowed by eBay for auction titles, and wants them to display neater.

How does this plugin work ?

It “filters” through all the auctions as phpBay Pro creates them, and then changes the titles.

There is currently only 1 known issue. If somebody uses the search function on your site to return results from eBay, then the titles of these results are not filtered. This appears to be a WordPress issue where the filter is not applied to searches in the same manner that it is applied to posts and pages. I am looking into resolving this particular issue.

What do you need to run it

I have tested this plugin on version 3.0.2 of phpBay Pro.

It is not version specific though, and should work on all versions, provided that you make the required changes to the relevant phpBay Pro template files.

NOTE : This is a WordPress plugin and will not work on sites that have not been built using WordPress.

Installation is trivial. Just upload the plugin to the WordPress /plugins folder and activate. Be sure to read the included readme.txt file for instructions on how to edit your relevant template files.

What does it cost ?

I am releasing this title formatting plugin into the phpBay community as “donation-ware“.

However, these plugins do take a lot of time to write, update, and provide support … so if you find it useful then please consider making a donation.

The following form will add you on my private mailing list, so that I may keep you notified about updates and improvements. Please complete the form, then confirm your subscription via the link in the first email you receive, and then you will instantly receive the download links for all my free plugins.