As you all know by now I am very fond of building sites using WordPress.

I am also a fanatical user and supporter of phpBay, an excellent script for building eBay powered sites displaying eBay auctions, and a great way to earn some decent cash.

On this page you will find links to all of the very handy WordPress plugins that I have written to make my life (and yours) a lot easier.

*NEW* ArticlesBase Plugin for WordPress – Great little autocontent generator plugin that grabs and displays an article from on a post or a page. You give it a keyword, and it grabs the relevant article. Makes it very easy to get great content for your site.

*NEW* US National Debt Clock Widget for WordPress – A great little widget (plugin) for anybody that has any forex, stocks, trading, or financial oriented web sites. See a working demo in the sidebar on one of my forex info sites at Fully configurable, and absolutely simple to install.

WordPress plugin to display EPN stats in your WP Administration panel.

auto content generator plugin that builds new wordpress pages or posts from the keywords visitors type into your search box.

Grab my phpBay Multi-Country Plugin here.

Grab my revenue sharing plugin for phpBay Pro here.

Grab my auction title reformatter plugin for phpBay here.

Grab my WordPress plugin that mines keyword data from Froogle (Googles shopping site). A great way to gather new niche ideas for new eBay sites.

Each plugin has its own separate information page, and can be purchased separately (the ones that are for sale) … however, should you wish to purchase all of these plugins all packaged together as a single download, then please use this link below.

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