phpZon Pro plugin for Amazon and Wordpress

phpZon Plugin for Amazon and Wordpress

A comprehensive and feature-rich plugin to place Amazon items on your Wordpress site. From the same author as phpBay Pro. Very easy to install and configure. Very stable.  Read more!
Liquidweb web hosting

Excellent Web Hosting by Liquidweb

I have used Liquidweb to host some of my own sites for many years. They have a range of products and prices to suit all pockets. I never had a single problem with them. Truly excellent support.  Read more!

Server Info Archives

Just a quick post to inform all of our hosted clients that we have doubled the monthly allocation of bandwidth on both of our hosting packages.

Our network provider have HUGELY increased the capacity into our Chicago network operations center, and they very kindly doubled our server package for free, and we have now passed that completely onto you for free as well.

If you were on the 10GB/month package you now have 20GB/month, and if you were on the 20GB/month package you now have 40GB/month.

This is effective from yesterday (the 1st October 2009), and all packages have already had their allocations altered on the server.

We would like to thank you for hosting with us. We know you have an unbelievable number of other options, and we really appreciate your very kind support.

Back Up Your Web Site – This is Critical

*** This post is intended for everybody ***

Backup your web site is critical. Its common sense I know, but I also know its human nature to think “it will never happen to me”. Sods Law says it will :-(

Disk drives are mechanical … and they break.

We do an automatic, global, daily backup of the entire contents of our server … ie. all websites. This is necessary if we ever have a hardware failure and our disk drives crash, and we have to restore everything.

I do not do backups of individual sites.

Keeping a backup of your site is your own responsibility as a webmaster.

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WebMail, and other Mailbox Options

This post is intended for our Linux hosted sites.

Today I would like to show you some other features on your mail server.

One of these features is Webmail … which may be especially important to you at this time of the year when you may find yourself away from home and your own PC/email.

Note .. If you are not using your email addresses in your own domain name then you really should be. It creates much more of a brand awareness in your clients mind if your website and email addresses correspond.

Mail boxes, aliases and email forwarders are all configured from within the “email” icon in your server control panel.

There are some other functions that can be performed on each individual mail box. To access these functions you need to navigate to the webmail interface for that mailbox.

All email boxes can also be accessed via the web … perfect for when you are not at home.

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Checking your Website Stats

This post is relevant for our Linux hosted sites.

Todays post is another in a series designed to teach you more about your server, and the various things it can do.

I will soon be writing posts on various methods that you can use to attract traffic to your website. But, before I do that, I want to show you where/how you can measure the fruits of your labours.

It is very important that you keep an eye on your statistics. The information that can be mined from them is absolute marketing “gold”.

The pretty graphs showing the steady stream of traffic that is coming to my sites is always fun to watch. Usually because the traffic volume is proportional to my earnings.


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Your Mail Server, Spam and Anti Virus

This post is intended for our Linux hosted clients.

We hate spam as much as everybody else, so we give you the best tools to kill it :-)

Spam Assassin is an award winning, “rules based” spam detector that is already installed on your server. This software has been around for a long time now and has matured into a very stable and reliable product that works very well indeed.

Basically, it works by using a huge table of rules. A team of people sat down and came up with a long list of all the common characteristics of a spam email, and then assigned a particular score to each characteristic. Spam Assassin checks each incoming email and totals up the scores for all rules that the email violates … and, if the total score is above a certain threshold (default value is 5, but you can change it) then that particular email is flagged as possible spam.

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