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Archive for March, 2008

Back Up Your Web Site – This is Critical

*** This post is intended for everybody ***

Backup your web site is critical. Its common sense I know, but I also know its human nature to think “it will never happen to me”. Sods Law says it will :-(

Disk drives are mechanical … and they break.

We do an automatic, global, daily backup of the entire contents of our server … ie. all websites. This is necessary if we ever have a hardware failure and our disk drives crash, and we have to restore everything.

I do not do backups of individual sites.

Keeping a backup of your site is your own responsibility as a webmaster.

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Keyword research tools are what I would like to cover today.

There is debate in the internet marketing community as to which comes first, keyword selection, or niche selection. Do you find nice keywords first and then find the market and build your site around them, or do you find a niche with a nice hungry market first and then research the keywords relating to that. Personally I am in the latter camp.

But, most of you already have a web site in some particular niche, so I am going to jump straight into how to select your keywords.

You should be steadily adding new content (ie. pages) to your site all the time, even if you only do 1 per week that is fine (thats 50+ pages of new content per year, it adds up steadily).

Why ? Well search engines love content.
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